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Who I am & What I offer

I’m a Spiritual Intuitive who relies entirely upon God’s grace for the clearings that take place & for the information that comes forward through me to assist people in attaining greater health & wellbeing. 

One of my innate gifts enables me to intuitively sense/read (for the highest good) areas of a person's physical body, life or consciousness that's challenging or blocking them in any way. These blocks may be conscious or unconscious.  I'm simply a vehicle for Spirit that offers people the opportunity to enjoy greater understanding & well-being on many levels.

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Private Consultations

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  • Self-help Manual - become your own practitioner.  
  • Food Alchemy - become your own nutritionalist
  • Living a more Joyful & fulfilling life
  • Rising above Life's Challenges
  • Discover your Life Purpose using Ego Profiling.  Understand and enlist your ego's drive to attain your goals
  • Stand-Up for God - using comedy to heal 
  • Emotional Freedom
  • Self Confidence & Assertiveness using healthy Communication & Boundary-setting techniques
  • What are you Creating? Tapping into your source of creativity. The law of attraction demystified.  Overcoming your dilemmas & manifesting the life you really want.
  • Customized workshops on any topic to work with your group's specific needs.

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"I've been with Dr. Valerie since 2004 and I've only experienced positive-uplifting sessions that have made a huge difference in my day-to-day living my life with "greater" Health, "greater" Joy and "greater" Loving. The Loving and Humor that Dr. Valerie brings forward in the sessions, no matter what the issues, have made it all ever so much easier for me. This is a glimpse of my experience with Dr. Valerie.  I am very interested and enthusiastic about her new website and what is being offered. ................." (MB, USA).

"If you're ready for this kind of assistance in your life, then it may well change your life, or certainly your perspective on it.  It did mine. .......... Valerie's commitment & steadfastness on her own Spiritual journey is often nothing short of astonishing & inspirational.  There's a sense of both teacher & apprentice about her.  A true Wayshower on her own spiritual path of Self Awareness & with such a sense of dedication to bringing Light, Humour & Well-Being into the lives of others ."  (LW, England)

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About me

In1987 a well-known practitioner I was consulting kept telling me there was no reason for me to be having all these physical issues unless I was being trained to help others in some way............

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Food Program - Free, give it a try!

  • My free gift to you - My doctorate study on how to attain better health & wellbeing & become your own food alchemist.  
  • Don't spend a fortune on allergy testing. Try this for free - a simple way to find out for yourself how foods affect your health & wellbeing & how easy it is to rid your body of excess fat & toxins. 

“After Valerie told me which foods to avoid I was finally able, in a short time, to shed the stubborn excess fat around my middle.  I had also arranged to do a very expensive scratch test for allergies and was amazed that the results were identical to Valerie’s. She really knows how to talk to your body”.  (JL, USA).

More below on how you can do this for yourself.

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Food Program Study Results

“Felt batteries had been recharged. ”I am delighted with the results of Valerie’s diet.” 

This diet cleared her life-long sinus problem 100%, her doctor lowered her thyroid medication a month into the diet, Is “radically better able to handle emotional disturbance on this diet.”

......says her swelling fingers and stomach, intestinal problem, diarrhea, headaches, hives, sweats, breast pain, leg cramps, depressive moods, had all gone and she’d come off anti-depressants.

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Self-Help Manual - Coming soon

Learn to be your own medical intuitive, food alchemist & more, with a user-friendly manual that will guide you every step of the way. You will also learn muscle-testing techniques. Learn also how to cleanse & stay safe in an increasingly toxic world.

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How to contact me

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Who I am & What I offer


I’m  posting, below, the Table of Contents to my self-help manual that will be  available soon. If you are interested in obtaining a copy (by workshop or private tuition) then please subscribe to my email mailing list & I will send you updates.


For those of you who are not familiar with my work & are interested in consulting with me on any of the items shown in this list, let me tell you a little about my work.  

I’m stating up front that I have had no medical training whatsoever & I will never interfere with what your medical  practitioner is doing for you. I’m a Spiritual Intuitive & rely entirely on God’s grace for the clearings that take place and for the information that comes forward in my sessions.  

I believe we all have what we need inside of us to overcome anything in our lives.  

My contribution is to assist people through bringing a greater awareness to their life’s journey so they can fully realize their own solutions, opportunities & potential of living life from a place of greater physical well-being & in a more positive & purposeful way.


With spiritual assistance, if we look & explore together with love, honor & sincerity (even humor), there is always a solution to life’s dilemmas & challenges.  

This Table of Contents lists many of the areas my work has covered with clients over the past 28 years.

Areas of my work - table of contents

Table of Contents - Areas I cover in my private sessions


What I Offer

Take a look at this Table of Contents and see if there's something here you might be interested in receiving my assistance with.

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How to prepare for & what to expect from a session with me

You will have the choice of calling me by phone, FaceTime or Skype. In preparation for your session it helps to be really clear about what you'd like to work on. We can work on anything in your life that's challenging to you. I suggest going for the things that seem to hold the most 'charge' for you. Spirit does the work. I am just the facilitator. Just know that Spirit doesn't deal with telling you your future.  It will not make your decisions for you, but will often offer valuable information, advice & insights that will assist you to make uplifting, self-empowering choices for yourself. You don't have to be religious, just to be open to working with the wisdom of a higher (highest) spiritual power. Any clearing & releasing that takes place during the session will be done directly through Spirit.  So please make sure there is no other person or pet with you. They can be in the same house; just not in the same room. To feel at ease & to get the most out of your session you might want to make sure you will not be disturbed & can talk freely without the fear of being overheard. Create a safe, sacred space for yourself. You're worth it.

What my clients are saying

"I can't tell you how much you helped me. In fact your help and insight and angels were the linchpin to my recovery ......... (VC, England)

"It is not enough to say that you have affected my life - the truth is you have changed my life.  I want you to know this.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  (W, England)

"Thank you for all your support.  I wonder if you realize how much it means to a mother to know that her two sons can be helped on so many levels so that they don't have to carry some of the baggage their mother has!  It's like a gift of life ............." (DW, England)

"Thank you so much again for all you're doing for my dog.  She's improving quickly already and her skin is clearing up.  I find what you do quite amazing!"  (B, England)

"My cat is doing great. He isn't limping and loves to go outside and show off by running  across the drive. He was limping and walking on three legs when I called you."  (JH, USA)

"Thank you for helping me on so many occasions over the past 4+ years.  Our sessions have always lifted me and left me feeling full of hope, determination, confidence & general feeling of well being. I remember one occasion in particular when I had tried everything to ease the pain in my back including osteopathy but noting was working. After 10 minutes into a session time with you the pain miraculously disappeared.  You have an incredibly talented gift."  (DK, England)

"Thank you for your time & insight & your guidance.  You took something I've been struggling with for a long time & made the solution look easy." (E, England)

"Thank you for all the help I received from you last year. I just thought I'd write to let you know how grateful I am that you helped me turn my life into an enjoyable one. P.S. the cat has made a complete recovery."  (KV, England)

"Thank you again for your valuable insight & helping me to understand my dog's situation......... You helped to improve the lives of two beings that were struggling to understand each other, and that has eased a lot of the stress for both of us!"  (ME, USA)

"Thanks a million again for your brilliant sessions they have made a huge difference in my life.  I feel in the couple of years that we have been working together my life has really transformed..........  It's been quite miraculous & I know your gift has played a huge part in it."  (MM, England)

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Self-help Manual

Learn to be your own medical intuitive, food alchemist & more with a user-friendly manual that will guide you every step of the way. You will learn muscle-testing techniques to gather information and then how to step aside & allow God's Grace to do it's magic. Experience God as your partner & see how your life can improve.  The planet is unfortunately becoming more and more polluted & our bodies more toxic.  Fear not, Spirit knows how to cleanse these things from us.  I have experienced it with myself for over 40 years and with my clients for 28 years now.  In my opinion & experience, soliciting Spirit's assistance is the only safe way to go about this. I experience miracles every day.  We CAN live a full & healthy life.  It IS our heritage. 

Food Alchemy

Become your own food alchemist. Find out exactly what your unique body needs & doesn't need in the way of food & supplements for its health & wellbeing.

There is a divine intelligence that created & grew your physical body, maintains it, repairs it.  It knows the truth.  It knows what it needs in the way of nourishment.  It doesn't care what you, I or any expert out there believes.  Although it will take on & play out any belief patterns we place on ourselves (perfectly & intelligently designed for the purpose of our spiritual growth & learning) it knows the truth of what foods work for it's individual optimal wellbeing. Learn how to talk to it. Learn how to listen.   

Learn how to clear all the false beliefs you've acquired about food & work with your body intelligence to design the perfect food program that will serve a three-fold purpose:

1) Your Foundation Diet specifying the minimum daily foods & supplements needed to maintain good health.  

2) This basic "Foundation Diet" also serves as your personalized quick weight loss & cleansing program. (Please check with your doctor before starting this as it can lead to rapid weight loss).

3) A list of the foods you are allergic or sensitive to, how to clear them & how often you can include them in your diet without recreating a negative reaction.

Living a more Joyful & Fulfilling Life

Start from wherever you find yourself learning key tools of practical Spirituality 

Rising Above Life's Challenges

Practical keys & concepts .......

Discover your Life Purpose using Ego Profiling

Find out what kind of ego structure you have & learn how to use it's 'drive'  to get a better understanding of your life plan & purpose & assist you to achieve successful goals. God gave you your particular ego personality for a reason.  Learn how to work with it & have it become your servant to be used as a source of energy & joyful motivation to fully participate in & to complete your life's purpose.

Other Workshops

  • Stand-Up for God  (using comedy to heal)
  • Emotional Freedom
  • Self Confidence & Assertiveness using healthy Communication & Boundary-setting techniques 
  • What are you Creating? Tapping into your source of creativity. The law of attraction demystified. Overcoming your dilemmas & manifesting the life you really want.
  • Customized workshops on any topic to work with your group's specific needs.

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"When I moved back north some 23 years ago I was in an emotional and physical mess – I was given the number of a wonderful lady called Valerie, who at that time resided in the UK.  Since then she has helped me and my children as we have gone through various illnesses etc.  Valerie is matter of fact, realistic and a joy – she's the real deal!"  (SM, Scotland)

"This is mostly a thank you letter, but please feel free to use it as a letter of recommendation.  I have nothing but praise for your unique and highly beneficial work - carried out in the most caring & professional manner. The friends I have recommended have also been delighted, with problems ranging from allergies, toxins, physical & emotional, all have noticed the difference.............I hope many more people have the opportunity to experience your work." (MW, England)

"I just wanted to let you know that our last session was, as always, so helpful...........  Anyway, thank you and I want you to know that my life is so much more full and I am living so much more consciously today than I ever have".  (J, USA)

"Thanks so much for the session. I have been feeling loads happier, like a heavy weight has lifted". (KP, England)

"We really appreciate the great work you do and how much help and comfort you have given us over all these years.  You use your gifts really well.  Bless you." (MM, England)

"Thank you so much for the session last night.  It was so precise and to the point and exactly what I needed". (MM, England)

"Thank you.  Something is shifting in me today that has not happened before in my life".  (SB, England)



About Me


In 1987 a well-known practitioner I was consulting kept telling me there was no reason for me to be experiencing all these physical issues unless I was being trained to help others in some way. I said, no, no, not me.  Albeit I did end up studying with this man, & one other, with the intention of just working on myself as my physical body seemed to be throwing up one genetic issue after another. To my utter surprise, from the moment I began coercing my friends into becoming my guinea pigs while studying these techniques, I acquired an overnight practice. My 'guinea pigs' were asking me to see their friends and family members & then they started giving me money, which I was giving back saying I don’t know what I'm doing, but they said, we don’t care because whatever it is you are doing, it's working. I had a full-time job, was practicing on people until the small hours and then going to work early next morning. Spirit sat me down & said don't you get it? We are asking you to give up the day job and do this full time.  I was reticent at first as I did not want the responsibility of "working" with anyone's consciousness or karma. I was very aware how one can project one's consciousness upon another & influence them. I had seen it so often. I didn't think I'd ever be clear enough or good enough to take on such a responsibility. When I eventually said yes to Spirit I made one stipulation: that Spirit would guarantee that whatever took place in my sessions with people, with whatever I did or said, that the perfection of Spirit would override my human inadequacies & make sure that only that which is for the highest good of all could take place.  I laugh now thinking it was possible to "negotiate" with Spirit & that it was I that had any power or was responsible or capable of doing any of this work in the first place!!!  Of myself I can do nothing!


I said, ok, I choose back, I will do this. At that point my long training began - & forever continues. Spirit would show me the various systems & functions of the physical body. The blocks.  The illnesses. Our bodies are similar to the constellations. It’s like the things we see in outer space. Spirit would take me into the body and show me things.  For example, I would be shown things in the blood at microscopic levels and I’d be really shocked. I (my consciousness) was microscopic in size. I would say, where am I, oh! I’m in the bloodstream. Those are red blood cells rushing past me. And Spirit would show me this once. It would show me an illness once. It would show me different things in the body just once & I would ask why only once & was told I would get too caught up in it because it’s so fascinating. And it really is! I see no difference when I see the things NASA is photographing in space. This all exists within us. We are star dust, we are star people. And each system of the body relates to each other. We are all related & all these systems have a different sound.  They all have a different vibration. A different realm. So if you can focus your consciousness into a tiny little space the size of a microbe you can travel inside your body & see things. When you go in there it’s vast.  It's as if you are traveling through different universes. It’s when you get to see the blood vessels, the cells & things like that. It's absolutely amazing & I have heard spiritual teachers also relate to this as worlds within worlds, worlds without end. So Spirit informed me that I would see these things once only so that it’s in my consciousness & I can assist others with this information if it is for the Highest Good.   I was told that this way I would not get too caught up in the experience because it is absolutely phenomenal.

In my experience often diseases & illnesses (as with the life-threatening one I was diagnosed with in 1983) can be turned around when awareness is brought to the cause & reason for it's manifestation. I believe dis-ease to be nothing but a messenger offering the opportunity to see where we might be off-course in our lives or our attitude to our lives. It has a voice. It has a message.  It's time to listen.

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Food Program



This food program is the sixty-six day repeatability study I used to complete my 2006 doctorate paper. It emerged out of my own life experiences.  I have personally experimented with numerous diets & supplements for over forty years & experienced certain health challenges, one of which was considered life-threatening.  When I listened to my body my intuition would always bring me back to a certain way of eating, bringing with it greater physical, emotional, mental & spiritual harmony.  This pattern of eating was instinctively there as a child, but as it went against all the modern-day principles of so-called ‘healthy eating’ I was ‘patiently’ taught to delight in a more traditional fare.  As my instinctive way of eating was  considered unconventional & even dangerous by many ‘experts’ in the field I’ve never stayed on it for more than four months at a time despite the immense benefit I’ve always experienced.  I suppose I wasn’t really trusting my intuition, especially as it was contradicting a lot of different belief patterns.  Well now, grace of God, I am finding more & more medical test reports that are proving that my intuition has been right all along.  So I encourage you to give it a try for just 66 days (just 10 short weeks) & see if you receive any of the benefits I have.   

This program is designed to assist each individual to become more aware of themselves on different levels of consciousness (physical, emotional, spiritual).  The key focal point we are using is the food we eat.  Food is as important to our existence as air and water.  The only difference is that we get to choose our food and that choice has to be made over & over again every single day and the choices now available to us are infinite.  So hopefully this study will reveal exactly what we are choosing for ourselves and the reasons for these choices.  Does the food that you eat alter the way that you think & feel?  Are you really listening to your body & it’s needs?  Are you choosing health & wellbeing?  Are you loving yourself healthy?  My wish for you is that you learn to become your own alchemist.

You might want to look at this as a sixty-six day journey of self discovery, so you may want to keep a journal throughout this trip.

This Food Program was inspired with the intention of achieving the following:

  • to eliminate most of the commonly possible allergy-producing food groups that may also be addictive.
  • to eliminate all unnatural, processed foods, including practically all nutritional supplementation.
  • to offer natural, painless and safe weight-loss.
  • to be as natural and as close to nature as God had intended.
  • to render the body more alkaline.
  • to give the body the chance to cleanse and regenerate.
  • to bring the body, mind and emotions back into balance and harmony.
  • to give maximum, natural, nutritional support.


For a complete copy of my Food Program Repeatability Study ......

Click here to download the full repeatability document.  It includes study instructions & useful supportive daily techniques & tracking sheets. 

Go to Downloads


Eat as much as you wish of the following:-
FRESH FRUITS : All fruits except oranges (unless the oranges are picked straight off the tree). i.e. apples, apricots, bananas, berries, cherries, grapes, kiwi, mango, melon,  pears, papaya, plums, watermelon, grapefruit, lemon, pineapple, etc.
VEGETABLES : All except garlic, onion, leaks & chives. i.e. artichoke, asparagus, bell peppers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, celery, chard, zucchini, eggplant,  fennel, ginger, green beans, kale, okra, potatoes (with their skins only),  parsnips, peas, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potato, seaweed, sweet corn, etc. 
Eat one pound of vegetables a day & include in that a minimum of one serving of dark green leafy vegetables a day.
Do not discard any cooking water.  Drink it or use it in your dishes.
SALADS : At least one raw salad a day, i.e. alfalfa & other sprouts, raw carrot & beets, courgettes, lettuce, parsley, radish, bell pepper, spinach, tomatoes, watercress, etc.
FRESH HERBS :  Parsley, basil, cilantro (coriander), mint, etc.  (Minimum two sprigs with each meal).
LEGUMES :  Beans (i.e. adzuki, black eye, butterbeans, mung, pinto), lentils, chickpeas, peas.
WHOLE GRAINS : Buckwheat, millet, oats (in moderation), quinoa, rice.  (No wheat or corn).
FATS : One Avocado a day essential (but no more).
BEVERAGES : 3 pints minimum of filtered or bottled water a day (taken between meals only). Freshly made vegetable juices (optional but only in addition to the pound of vegetables a day).  Herbal teas in moderation.
CONDIMENTS : Organic, unfiltered cider vinegar, spices, herbs, minimal amounts of sea salt & tamari.
AVOID TOTALLY : All meats, fish, milk, cheese, yogurt (+goat), eggs, butter, all bottled vegetable & olive oils, lard, margarine, mayonnaise, nuts, seeds, soy products (a little Tamari soy sauce only), wheat, corn, barley, rye, sugar, artificial sugars, maple syrup, dried fruit, refined or processed foods of any kind, food additives and coloring, all table salt, tea & coffee (regular or decaffeinated), nutritional supplements except Vitamin D.​

  • Eat only whole, natural, unprocessed, unrefined foods & ingredients & organic whenever possible.
  • Eat one pound of whole vegetables a day (can also comprise raw and cooked whole vegetable soups).
  • Eat one serving each of cooked and raw dark green leafy vegetables.
  • Eat at least 3 pieces of raw fruit a day (can be in smoothies).  Can add dark leafy greens to smoothie.
  • Be sure to get at least one large raw salad a day.
  • Be sure to get some avocado and at least two sprigs of fresh (uncooked) herbs with each meal.
  • Avocados are a good base for salad dressings.
  • Eat at least one serving of legumes a day.
  • Eat as large a variety of plant-based foods as possible.
  • Consider taking one low dose Vitamin D supplement a day (or get a little daily sun).
  • Do not use a microwave oven to cook or heat anything, even water.


If you have received benefit from completing at least 33 days of this food program, then there is an exciting next step for you to take to becoming your own food alchemist. Why spend hundreds of dollars on allergy testing when you can now simply add one food back in at a time and see how your body responds? I'm encouraging you to do the best you can do for yourself. Really empower yourself by listening to your body & it's needs with regard to the foods you choose to eat.


Food Program Study Results



Does the food we eat alter the way that we think & feel?
Are we really listening to our body & its nutritional needs? 
Would those who chose to follow this program learn to become their own alchemist?   

These are the results of 5 participants

Test Subject #1 Gender:  Female
                       Age:              62
                       Works as:    Retired
                       Nationality: English 

                                 Before    After

Overall health                4        8 

Emotional health           5        9
Energy levels                  4        8
Food cravings                 6        3
Overeating                      8        0
Self-confidence               4        6
Enthusiasm/optimism   4        7
In touch with feelings    5        7
Intuitiveness                    3        7
Self-loving                        4        8

GR’s starting weight was 140 lb and she lost 16lb during the study.  She says she stuck to the program 99%.  At the end of the sixty-six days she says her elbow was less painful, general stiffness was improved, her lower back pain had gone, her blocked nose had improved 80%, her constipation had gone, her allergy spots had gone, her stomach bloating had gone, her coated tongue had cleared up and she states that friends and family were telling her that her skin and eyes were glowing.  She still gets the occasional leg cramp at night.  She says the diet is amazing and loved the conscious eating and blessing of the food.  It brought her peace.  “The eating plan which I have been following for the last 66 days is excellent, and in the future I will continue to eat the same way, cutting down the portions to include small quantities of dairy, fish and meat.  My main diet will be salad, steamed veg and fruit.  “Food has more flavor.” “Felt batteries had been recharged.”I am delighted with the results of Valerie’s diet.” 

Subject #2  Gender: Male
                 Age:            34
                 Works as:   Horticulturist
                 Nationality: Argentinean

                                Before   After

Overall health                4        8

Emotional health           5        9
Energy levels                  4        8
Food cravings                6        3
Overeating                     8        0
Self-confidence             4        6
Enthusiasm/optimism 4        7
In touch with feelings  5        7
Intuitiveness                  3        7
Self-loving                      4        8

LT’s starting weight was 182 lb and he lost 10lb during the study.  He says he stuck to the program 70%.  At the end of the sixty-six days he says that his lower back pain has almost gone, knee and hand pain – “hardly any,” numbness in feet greatly improved, hardly any more flatulence (even when eating a lot of beans), no more intestinal irritation, no more hair loss, 50% improvement on his bowel movements, was handling his emotions significantly better and that his skin was glowing.  From his workouts at the gym he says his fitness has greatly improved and hasn’t been this good since his early 20’s.  He says he’s still experiencing upper back and neck pain and believes it to be emotional.  LT has been raving about this program and recommending it to others.  He says he intends to make this way of eating a life change. 

His first entry was: “Boring!”  The following few days were: “Food tastes better, calm and peaceful, deep and inner communication with my inner child, self-confidence & trust, anger….”  And towards the end of the program: “Oh God!  Do I have to do this?  Restlessness and avoidance.”  Right after that “outburst” came: “Enthusiasm, happy & cheerful, excitement & joy, loving.”

Test Subject #3 Gender:     Female
                            Age:            65
                            Works as:   N/A
                            Nationality: American 

                                 Before    After

Overall health                  7       10

Emotional health             7       10
Energy levels                    5       10
Food cravings                   9        0
Overeating                        4        0
Self-confidence                6       10
Enthusiasm/optimism    6       10
In touch with feelings     8       10
Intuitiveness                     5       10
Self-loving                         5       10

SS’s starting weight was 186 lb and she lost 16lb during the study.  She says she stuck to the program 98%.  At the end of the sixty-six days she says this diet cleared her life-long sinus problem 100%, her doctor lowered her thyroid medication a month into the diet, is “radically better able to handle emotional disturbance on this diet” and the first time in her life she’s had better than regular bowel movements.  She says she still has muscle pains in her legs but that it’s much improved and that she still has dry skin and thinning hair.  She’s going to do another sixty-six days plus make this a life change.  SS’s says: “I eat only plant based food now.  I feel like a million dollars.”  “I was not following my intuition.  Now I am very present with myself.  And very aware of what I am eating and content with a lot less food.  I’m listening to my body more, but still have work to do with listening, but I am so much better ten weeks later … there is no comparison in the way I feel and how much energy I have.  Now I am motivated to learn more about this PLANT BASED DIET.” 

I notice from SS’s tracking sheets that she used the conscious eating exercise fifty of the sixty-six days.  Here are some of her entries:  “I am realizing I can eat less food when I am conscious.”  “I am amazed at how good food can taste and how fulfilling it is when I choose to eat consciously.”  “Craving fresh veggies.”  “How did I live 64 years without beans?”  “I am shocked at how content my body is eating on this diet.  I have no cravings.  I feel more conscious in many areas.  I’m aware of being present.”  “I was aware of tasting it completely as though I had never eaten a grape before.” 

SS used the “God Bless you, I love you, peace be still” phrase forty-two times during the sixty-six days and she’s written something positive and uplifting in each entry.  Here’s an example entry:  “My energy was off … I felt strange physically and I just said it to bring me back to the present … and into my loving and it worked.”

Subject #4 Gender:     Female
                    Age:            55
                    Works as: Psychotherapist
                    Nationality: American 

                                 Before    After

Overall health                  5        9

Emotional health             5        9
Energy levels                    5        8
Food cravings                   6        0
Overeating                        3        1
Self-confidence                7        9
Enthusiasm/optimism    7        9
In touch with feelings     9        9
Intuitiveness                     9       9
Self-loving                         9      10

CC’s starting weight was 155 lb and she lost 11lb during the study.  She says she stuck to the program 85% and that the 15% was mostly due to omissions.  At the end of the sixty-six days she says her swelling fingers and stomach, intestinal problem, diarrhea, headaches, hives, sweats, breast pain, leg cramps, depressive moods, had all gone and she’d come off anti-depressants.  She said that her sleep disturbance was much better, fatigue is 90% improved, the pain and swelling of the lymph nodes in her neck is 90% better, her forgetfulness is 90% better and due to the daily questionnaire she’s much more in touch with her feelings.  She says she’s better able to handle her emotions on this diet.  Her thinning hair remained the same.  CC says she’s getting positive comments about her looks.  She’s totally satisfied with the diet and wants to stay on it with the addition of almonds and fish.  She’s tried many diets before with no results.  Her last entry was: “Loving myself more – all aspects of who I am.” 

Here are some of CC's entries:  “I really tasted and appreciated my food,” “Received such joy.  Discovered caffeine causes me more thirst – switched to water,” “I realized I needed more protein so I added beans,” “I feel more guided as to how much to eat and what to eat,” “I am aware that I take in food to nourish my spirit, not just my body.” 

Subject #5 Gender:       Female
                   Age:              37
                   Works as:  Psychotherapist
                   Nationality: American 

                                 Before    After

Overall health                  6       10

Emotional health             7       10
Energy levels                    8       10
Food cravings                   4        0
Overeating                        4        1
Self-confidence                7       10
Enthusiasm/optimism    7       10
In touch with feelings     8       10
Intuitiveness                     5        9
Self-loving                         4       10

JY’s starting weight was 142 lb and she lost 8lb during the study.  She says she stuck to the program 90%.  At the end of the sixty-six days she says the bumps on her arms, back and shoulders have mostly cleared up and her facial blemishes are much better.  She suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome but that her periods are now regular.  Her headaches have gone, her migraines are much better, her bowel movements are now normal, her cracked heals went away & her complexion was brighter.  She was better able to handle her emotions.  She said “I was able to remain calm in a difficult situation where I have not done so in the past.”  She mentions that her skin became dry after week seven and that she lost a little more hair during the program than before.  Because of the medication she was taking she could not eat the specified amount of greens and she wasn’t anywhere near meeting her bean quota, the main source of protein.  She says she’s never had any results with other programs she’s tried and that she’s totally satisfied with this one.  She mentions that she’s had many comments about the way she looks, mostly how healthy she looks.  She rang me really excited one day and told me that she had used the blessing (with real feeling) on some pain she was experiencing and it went away.  

Here are some of her JY's entries:  “I felt how my food affected me,” “Food is tasting better,” “I’m realizing more the moment I’m full,” “Feeling peaceful and relaxed.” Her tracking sheet shows that the disturbances she was using the phrase for assisted her in some way every single time.

With regard to the before & after questionnaire & daily tracking sheets:

  • The blessing of all food & the conscious eating exercises were designed to assist the study participants to become more aware of their body and its needs.  To become more intuitive (listening), & learn to become their own nutritional scientist/practitioner.
  • The “God bless you, I love you, peace be still” phrase was intended to assist my study participants with any emotional or physical disturbances that might surface during this study.  I asked them to say it with a deep sense of feeling, passion, compassion & loving. 


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